My Story

Artist and Program Artisan

Deborah Landry is an incredibly diverse artist, gifted at both creating fine art in different mediums and styles as well as developing public arts projects and programs. She runs her fine art operation from Renditions Gallery, Lithia Springs, Georgia about 20 Minutes west of Atlanta. Her national public art company Engaging Arts, creates both permanent and temporary site specific artworks .   Engaging Arts’s mission is to create artful solutions to bring communities together.

Artistic Philosophy

My artistic philosophy is that life can have unlimited possibilities if one puts their mind to it. The possibilities are only limited by the number of avenues you try. Every day given on this earth is a day to grow. With planning and determination I challenge myself everyday. My art is eclectic in the same way that life is. Life is not neat and organized. These are parameters that we apply to it. I like to explore all mediums. I design works specifically to push a medium and myself to expand the possibilities, the vision and application of the medium. I come up with subjects and content to express to the public and then think of the medium that will best express the idea. I do not let the fact that I never worked in a medium deter me. I simply learn the medium and move on. I have not reached a limit to my ideas. My only fear as an artist is lack of time.